A Million Steps for Scholarship
This innovative initiative will transform a trek across Spain into a fundraising campaign to fully support the ongoing work of our close partners in Mathare, an informal community within greater Nairobi. The Rotary Club of Trenton is aiming to raise $6,000 by June 30, 2024, the equivalent cost of funding 8-years of secondary and post-secondary education, backed by a robust mentorship and life skills program to ensure sustainable success.


A Million Steps for Scholarship is founded on the simple idea that we can turn the ordinary act of walking into an extraordinary opportunity to change someone's life for the better. Access to secondary school education and post-secondary opportunities is not the norm for youth in Mathare. But with our friends and supporters, we’re aiming to make an impact by providing funds to enlarge the cohort of high-achieving low-income scholars as they receive an 8-year opportunity that will change lives forever.




The Plan:

Rotarian Brian Lavender and his spouse, LeeAnne, will take well over 1,000,000 steps across the north of Spain. as they follow the Camino del Norte, the northern route of the famed pilgrimage route to Santiago. The trip is self-funded, so they have everything they need to make the trek.

The Opportunity:

Join us as we build bridges across cultures and across social barriers. It's a one-time fundraising initiative for us (so far) but it’s an 8-year journey for our trusted partners in Canada and Kenya as they walk the entire journey with students. Opportunities are granted in an open process that involves community stakeholders and a board of directors. Our partner organization, Canada-Mathare Education Trust is now in its 18th year of operation; they specialize in life skills training and mentorship to help youth truly succeed.


Every dollar raised is directed through the Trenton Rotary Club’s support of the Canada-Mathare Education Trust. Our goal is to raise $6,000 by June 30, 2024. 


Curious to learn more about the Canada-Mathare Education Trust? Here is their organizational profile.


Please consider becoming part of the story today. A Million Steps for Scholarship trek begins in May of 2024 and fundraising has begun!

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We've just received this personal message from our partner, Titus Kuria. "Tito" is the field manager overseeing the incredible work of CMETrust in Kenya. Listen as he shares his brief message of encouragement with us!